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Our unique aim when writing your CESR CV and Application Form is not only to secure Specialist Registration for you, but to achieve this in the minimum possible time frame.

We do this by ensuring your submitted documents are error free, that weak competency areas are strengthened, and any gaps are smoothly explained. Your CV and Application Form will also be written to complement one another, and match your submitted evidence. Thus your documents will be perfectly pitched for their intended purpose.

In particular, the CESR CV is usually a large document and so we make sure that each one of its 18 sections is well structured, and contains the correct amount of only relevant information. This will allow for a proper assessment of your CV and an efficient response to your application for Specialist Registration.

The CV and Application Form we help you prepare for CESR are eloquently written, intelligently organised and beautifully executed. The result is a set of documents that demonstrate your excellent communication skills, and the methodical approach you take to your own practice.

We have been writing submissions for Specialist Registration since its inception in 1997, and are intimately familiar with all general GMC and specialty specific guidelines. Our passion for what we do means your new documents are achieved with a real sense of pride, will be unique to you, and secure CESR in the minimum timeframe.

To find out how the service works and receive a copy of our free brochure please telephone Paul on 0151 488 5364.



Hello Mr Coakley,
I am pleased to inform you that I was given CESR recently.
I thank you you for your help with my CV.
With Best Regards
- Dr Janga Sridhar
Staff Grade Anaesthetics

Thank you very much, the Article 14 CV/ application looks great!
- Dr Emanoel Ruja
Consultant Psychiatrist

Your commitment to your work is outstanding.
- Dr Y. Rajalingam
Consultant Anaesthetist

Many thanks for your help in massively improving my CV for Article 14.
-Mr M Saeed
Consultant Surgeon

Your style and presentation is outstanding, I am very impressed with your unchallenged professionalism.
- Mr M. Osman
Consultant ENT Surgeon

I am delighted that my new c.v. has been done this way. It is extremely neat, well organised and above all expressed with real authority. Well done. My congratulations.
- Mr A. Bajegni
Consultant Ophthalmologist

You have done a wonderful job. I would never recommend anyone else.
- Dr L. Grove
Consultant Paediatrician

Thank you so much for the work on the application form. I am very pleased.
- Dr W. Werner
Consultant Psychiatrist

An excellent piece of work.
 - Dr S. Lehm
Consultant in Respiratory Medicine

Thank you for working over the weekend to get my CV done in just two days. Your weekend service must be unique. I have been appointed to the only post I applied for as Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Leicester Royal Infirmary.
- Mr S. Varma
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Many thanks for your great help and good work. I will surely recommend you for your services.
- Dr Johannes Wejbora
Consultant Anaesthetist

The CV is truly superb. The first post I applied for I got.
- Dr Peter Sebwufu
Consultant Paediatrician and former Minister for Health

You read all the documents I sent you with wisdom, understood what I needed to say and expressed this more clearly and elegantly than I could have done myself. I was offered the post as a consultant respiratory physician and senior lectureship in medicine in the university hospital I wanted. The interviewer said my job application had given me a clear advantage above the other candidates, even before I had walked in the door.
- Dr Luke Beckert
Consultant Respiratory Medicine

Thank you for your help with my application. I have been shortlisted.
- Dr A. Kucharska
Consultant - Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services