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Our unique aim when writing your GP CV and personal cover letter is to secure for you not just job interviews, but also mark you out as the overall leading candidate for the vacancy.

The job documents we help devise are eloquently written and perfectly pitched to advantage your unique claim to the type of GP post you want. These writing qualities also demonstrate your own personal GP communication skills.

Our passion for what we do means your new CV and cover letter are achieved with a real sense of pride, and ensures the first impression you make is a successful one. Invariably this outstanding impression of you is carried over to your interview; whereafter many clients report back to us on the compliments their new job documents received.

Finally, your new CV's skillful explanation of your most relevant experience, interests, and other qualities provides the perfect preparation for your interview.

To find out how the service works and receive a copy of our free brochure please telephone Paul on 0151 488 5364.




Excellent. Really pleased with your work, and your suggestions. Certainly I would never have presented myself in the fashion you have envisaged, and can only feel you have highlighted the main facets of my work over the years, and can only anticipate great success with my applications for work, armed with this C.V. Again Many Thanks.
- Dr Patrick Dunphy
Principal GP

I am 'extremely' pleased with the new CV.
- Dr E. Gaskell
GP Principal and Partner

You have done an excellent job for me. It all fits together so beautifully now.
- Dr P. White
GP Principal

I have a 100% shortlist rate - due to the excellent quality of your CVs. No wonder you have a very high personal recommendation rate. I’ve told my colleagues to use no other service but Medico International.
- Dr M. Patten
GP Registrar

The GP Principal told me my CV was without doubt the best . . . I have tried other CV services and found them embarrassingly ‘cliche’.
- Dr S. Whiteman
Part-time GP

I am equally delighted with your work this time around, as I was with the work you did for me some years ago.
- Dr K. Smith
GP Partner

I am delighted to let you know I've been short-listed for the 1st job I applied for with my new CV.
- Dr Y. Osiyemi
Salaried GP

This CV looks great.
- Dr Malvin Smith
Salaried General Practitioner